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Cardamom Mountains
Cardamom Mountains, Cambodia
Enjoying the view
Taking a break in the Cardamom Mountains
Winding road
It's not necessarily all Dancing Roads!
Bayon 2
Bayon Temple, Siem Reap
Calm seas at sunset, Kep.
Cardamom Mountains
rainy season
Early to mid rainy season offers great riding for experienced off roaders
dirt roads
Rice Paddy
The countryside takes on a whole new hue in the rainy season
Dirt Roads
Locals in remote regions come up with their own makeshift bridges
Water Buffalo
Crab dinner
If you like seafood, then Kep is the place for you
A Royal Reception
Another village turnout...
Preah Kahn Temple
Preah Kahn Temple
Patriotism is alive and well at Preah Vihear
Hanging around
Local kids hanging around
River ferry, Cambodia
Fishpond-swimming pools are a common sight
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