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Most Important Parts

Dirt Bikes

Front Suspension

Front Suspension is Crucial for Dirt Bikes. Taking in consideration jumps and bumps on the terrain, the Front Suspension needs to take care of all that.


Rear Suspension

Rear Suspension, same as Front Suspension take care for all bumps on the road, but also take care for the grip on the rear wheel.


Bike Power

The Bike Power, in this case Torque is more important that the Max Speed. Dirt Bikes needs acceleration and power on rear wheel more than the max speed.


Gear Ratio

The Gear ratio in the Transmission is set by default for higher Torque. But sometimes the Profesional Racers can change the gears depending on the racing track.


Traction management

The newest Dirt Bikes are equipped with Traction Management that helps a lot on Slippery surfaces. ABS braking and Traction Control help a lot to get Max off your Bike.


Rims and Tires

Tires provide contact with the Surface. So having lightweight wheels and good set of Tires is Crucial for the performance of your bike.


Get Maximum

Dirt Bikes provide a lot of Adrenaline to those who are riding them. Motocross Racing is considered an Adrenaline Sport, not because of the Adrenaline that the drivers get but also because of the public watching them ride. The roaring sounds from the motorcycles, drivers riding close and touching each other, mud spread all around, jumps with the bikes, struggling with the bumps to make the quickest time around the track. These things make the sport attractive and loved by the fans.

These are all the Actions that also fans want to experience, so there are more and more Dirt Bike Tours organized all over the World. The tours are usually organized for tourists who want to visit places that are hard to reach and feel the Adrenaline by doing that.

Also, Dirt Bikes are often used to do stunts with them. And where is the biggest action, if not in Vegas? There were a lot of stunts in Las Vegas, some of them Successful and unfortunately not. But people never stop trying.

When Casinos and Motocross are in question, here is worth mentioning that Motocross-inspired Slot Games are very popular in Casinos.