Ride report: Western Enduro

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April 18, 2012
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October 7, 2016
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Ride report: Western Enduro

Somewhere within the thick fug of red dust, the bike ahead is firing a machine-gun spray of rocks and dirt. Pebbles ricochet off of my protective chest armour with an almighty clatter. I’m moving fast and I can see barely two feet of rust-coloured trail in front of me.

A stone smacks my unprotected knuckles, sending a jolt of white pain through my hand. I kick the bike down a gear and rip open the throttle. Braaaap. The back wheel instantly begins to fishtail as the knobbly rubber carves into the loose dirt, searching for traction.”


We are very proud to have been featured in the South China Post Sunday Magazine, courtesy of Mark Peters and his intrepid gang from Hong Kong. Great fun was had by crew and guests alike! Read on for the full write up…

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