Ride Archive: Cardamom Mountains 2005

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September 9, 2017
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Ride Archive: Cardamom Mountains 2005

Once we got into the mountains the scenery changed dramatically. The foliage closed in around the trail and much of the riding was one-handed to fend off thorny branches and bamboo poles which seemed to jump out of the shadows to batter knuckles and elbows. We crossed streams, and even a few rivers. Sometimes the trail seemed to disappear only a few feet ahead into dense wet foliage or mud bogs. Along the way, we’d pass villages with just a few shacks in the middle of nowhere with a relaxed, but curious people whose lives couldn’t be more different than ours in the West.”

Back in 2005, Andy joined us for a ride through the Cardamom Mountains. We dig into the archives for a look back at what has changed, and what has  stayed the same.
Read the full trip report on ADVRider…

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