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Dancing Roads

Dirt Bike Historical Feats at Las Vegas Casinos

The fountain jump is at the Caesars Palace.

fountain jump is at the Caesars Palace


After successfully completing his first two stunts, Pastrana was escorted by police through the streets of Las Vegas to the final jump site at Caesars Palace. He was high-fiving and taking selfies along the way.
In 1967, Knievel missed the jump over the fountain but still made a splash. It was the most notorious attempt of his career. He fell head over heels when he missed the landing. He broke his left hip, right ankle, hands, and wrists in the process. He was in the hospital for nearly a month after his concussion. TV and promoter came calling after that.
The fountain at Caesars Palace became a holy grail for stunt motorcyclists. This is the most famous jump in stunt lore because he never landed it.

After that, the Jumps at Caesars Palace continued. On the 2008 New Year’s Eve, Robbie Maddison jumped with his motorcycle to the top of the Arc de Triomphe at the Paris Las Vegas. Then he came down.

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