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The Ultimate Adrenaline Rush

The Ultimate Adrenaline Rush

We can distinguish six significant families of motorcycles. Road trips, for long journeys. Sports cars, from speed. Roadsters are urban and versatile. The customs hurtle down Route 66 in style. Third, dual-sport, such as trails or adventures, are versatile motorcycles, roads, and paths. And finally, off-road motorcycles, including trials, Enduro, and Motocross.

Main Highlights that Define Motocross

Instead, cross-country is practiced in enclosed and private spaces. This use of a closed circuit makes it possible to evade the regulation of the public road and remain in a spirit of competition. The engines are more responsive and more nervous to make the difference with strong acceleration, even on a steep climb or at the exit of a sharp bend.

The exhaust often makes more noise. Indeed, not being constrained to a maximum volume to exceed, Motocross operates the decibel counter. As a result, races and competitions quickly become actual concerts!

Cross-country also has more jumps. For the suspensions and the fork, we will prefer firmness. For the engine, acceleration and recovery take precedence over top speed. For better performance, shorter gears are set on the gearbox.

Finally, the private setting saves the motorcycle cross-owner all administrative tasks. No registration document, no insurance certificate. This also implies the absence of license plates and traffic lights. So, to transport your Motocross in competition, you need an approved trailer.


Enduro and cross are, above all disciplines, sports in their own right with their rules and objectives. If we had to take a shortcut, we could say that cross country is like a sprint, and Enduro like a marathon. We will look more for speed performance on the cross, with the equipment accordingly. Enduro is more a question of continuing to move forward over time on more extended events.

It is one of the three disciplines of the Main off-road motorcycle with the Motocross and Trial. Like its name, Enduro is an event of regularity over a long period of time (about 5 or 6h). To be good at Enduro is to be neither too long nor too slow on the steps of Links and decide on the test’s special stages intersecting the race.

A tour lasts about 5 to 6 hours and is cut into three or four connecting stages with an average length of 20km.

The Main Differences that Make Enduro Number 1 Motocross Discipline

Enduro is not a flashy sport such as Motocross and requires a lot of patience for an alleged spectator who will have had to walk several kilometers in the forest by crossing branches to be able to see the runners passing.

Enduro may be allowed to ride on public roads if it complies with the homologation rules. This is very often the case. Registration documents, insurance, motorcycle license, registration number, and approved license plate in the right dimensions are required. Enduro motorcycles are then subject to public road regulations, with particular attention to the sounds emitted on roads and paths. It’s more framed. You are exempt from these constraints if you do not use your Enduro on public roads but only on tracks.

Technically, an enduro bike will have longer gears to give the bike lengthen over longer segments. The acceleration will naturally be less marked, and the idle management will also be more flexible and smooth. The tires suit rough and muddy terrain, resulting in massive studs. This allows a better evacuation of the mud to avoid jamming and better-absorbed shocks. But they still perform well on hard surfaces and hybrid circuits. The enduro bike is more versatile, with more general settings and equipment to advance on all types of terrain.


Being part of the same category, cross and Enduro necessarily have many similarities in terms of external appearance to begin with. An off-road motorcycle offers a high saddle on which the rider stands relatively straight. On these motorcycles, the handlebars are wide. The suspensions have a strong trip, as they are soft for a better feel on bumpy terrain. For better sensations, an off-road motorcycle is much lighter than average with more responsiveness and fluidity in movements. This weight/power ratio allows better explosiveness, especially on both strokes. Finally, they are usually equipped with one or two-cylinder engines or even three more occasions. The last point we recognize from afar is an off-road bike with tires with longer studs.

For the pilot, too, this implies different equipment. In particular, to be protected against the projection of stones or squirts of mud. Choose reinforced and waterproof gear to enjoy it to the fullest.

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